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2020: A Year In Review

We are notorious hypocrites. We sit in (zoom) meetings every week telling people writing blog posts is a great way to get traffic, yet here we are, writing our first one for over a year. I havent thought of a good excuse why we haven’t, but im sure with what 2020 had in-store for us all, nobody has even noticed. We wanted to write this one post to make up for a full year off, so here we go, this is our snippet of what we were up to in 2020:

Clarke Energy

Building a website for a local company that does over £400m in revenue was a huge feat of 2020. We launched their site www.clarke-energy.com in 4 languages; English, French, Greek & Romanian and worked with several departments to deliver on seperate systems like job boards and advanced search mechanisms. 

Matrix Solicitors

We’ve continued to work with a Wirral Solicitors Matrix, launching their housing disrepair service on sucessful pay-per-click campaigns and now focussing on the long-term SEO results; a combination we always recommend. Ranking for keywords in the legal industry is one of the hardest jobs around, but we’re doing it steadily 💪🏻

Studley Ltd

Another large company based in Knowsley Industrial Park, we launched a beautiful looking site www.studleyltd.com with background videos, clear navigation and with a conversion based focus. This launch came at the same time as a re-brand so we had extra work with Google to make sure their old SEO authority carried over and ensured proper redirects were in place.

Sperm Donor Hub

We built a platform to connect people looking to find or become sperm donors. The system involves subscription billing, members live chat, members groups, and advanced search function aswell aswell as a lot more. The work is continous on this site as you can imagine, expect big things from this global platform; www.spermdonorhub.com

Deadline Direct

Joe built an entire courier quoting system on deadlinedirect.com which takes the distance, type of cargo and type of courier to give an accurate quote and take payment all in one form. It doesn’t get more complicated than that.

As you can tell, we’ve been very busy, maybe thats why we haven’t posted, we work from a 0 email inbox, prioritising clients over our own work, which is how we think it should be done, I’d want others to do that for me, so who knows, maybe its beneficial not to write blog posts after all.

Stay safe 😃

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