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Domains & Hosting

So you want a website? What’s next? Choosing your domain name.

A domain name simply put is an address on the internet, having a memorable address helps visitors find you. As well as this, the right domain name is essential to ranking high in Google.

Whilst looking for you own domain name, why not ask us to help?

Did you know there are over 1000 domain types: meaning the name after the dot(.) The most common ones we see are .com, .co.uk, .gov but the internet has expanded so far we have domains ending in  .academy  .zone and everything in-between.

Domains Heart IT

Domains range in price from a couple of pounds to over £22 million, the price is dependant on the quality of the domain, the availability and timing.

Top 5 most expensive domains 

  1. Insurance.com £22 Million
  2. Vacationrentals.com £22 Million
  3. Insure.com £10 Million
  4. Fund.com £9.5 Million
  5. FB.com £5.4 Million

Why not buy a domain today, you always have the option to ‘sell’ your domain in the future, consider it an investment. Unsure if your domain is available? We can do all the work for you, contact us with your ideas and we can discuss the availability.

After you purchase your domain, you need somebody to ‘host’ your website files, Heart IT can offer a package whereby we can purchase, register and host any domains you currently have or any you may want in the future. At Heart IT, we use premium servers which can contribute towards the reliability and speed of your website.

With each web design package, we offer free hosting and domain purchase; leaving the hard work to us.

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