Google Ranking 101: External Links

External Links

External links are links found on external websites that point to your domain. These links are often considered one of the most important sources for ranking highly in Google and other search engines, as they tell a story of what others say about you.

Getting external websites to link back to your own is the hardest part, and varies depending on what sector you’re in. For example, a company in the web development sector like us gets to place our own external link (generally in the footer) once we have built a website for a client.

external links

External Links are much more influential than internal links. Other factors which effect external links and their ranking significance are:

  • The anchor text used in the link.
  • The trustworthiness of the linking domain.
  • The popularity of the linking page.

The anchor text used in the external link should be relevant to your website, preferably a phrase that people may search when trying to find your website. We tend to use phrases such as ‘Web design Liverpool’ which works very effectively. It’s also important to know not to overuse a certain keyword or keyphrase, as it could be picked up as spam and may work against you. For that reason, it’s good to shake it up a little by using different (yet still relevant) words.

Off-topic reminder: Mobilegeddon reaches us in 3 days (April 21st), so make sure your website is responsive on all devices before then!

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