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Logo Design & Branding

A logo is a fundamental part of a businesses identity,  often the only or first thing you see. A logo can say a lot about who you are, it shows your core business, it can have a positive effect before any interaction takes place. Logo design is often overlooked due to its simplicity, but mastering this simplicity is an artform itself. Due to changes in trends in the ever changing modern world, logos go through phases, this is why we see time and time again companies re-branding. Is your logo ‘old fashioned’ when compared to others?

Often when logos are sold, complete branding guidelines are included such as exact corporate colours, stationary design, the presentation of the logo and more. Having a standard manner in which to present your business gives a more professional and official image. Do you write the company name the same way, in the same size, same spacing, same font every time? Do you align certain aspects left or right? Inconsistencies could look poor in a professional environment and reflect badly upon your business.

Look at the following 4 logos, do you know them all? These are international brands, but how much did they pay for their logo? See if you can put them in order going from cheapest to most expensive.






  1. Twitter: £10
  2. Nike: £22 
  3. Pepsi: £640,000
  4. BP: £134m 

Did you get that right? let us know in the comments below!

Think about your own logo design, does it say what you want it to? Do you often wonder how you could re-brand yourself? 

At Heart IT, we can do as much or as little as you want. Want something moving a few pixels? Need a full re-branding? We’ve done it all. Contact Heart IT, we can give an honest evaluation and talk about how we can improve your logo and branding.

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