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Map Wirral

Map Wirral is a legal advisory company based on the Wirral, having formed last year, the client was looking for a complete brand design, starting with a logo to represent the business. The emphasis of the client was that they did not want a generic law logo, but a badge; this badge was to emphasise the ‘map’ element in the business name; something which was close to the clients heart. The compass rose, sea colours and worn lettering here represents the clients passions whilst keeping a professional image set to be seen by thousands in the coming years.

map wirral logo design heart it

After just a coffee shop meeting or two, we have produced a badge which has been well received by the client and their associates. We will be incorporating this badge onto letterheads, business cards, leaflets, flyers and more. If this service sounds like something your start-up is in need off, why not get the ball rolling and Contact Heart IT today.

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