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What Does a Meeting at Heart IT Look Like?

We’ve all been there. The dreaded business meeting at 9am, when your brain is still asleep. You drink an unnatural amount of coffee in the hope that it will help, but all it does is cause severe abdominal pain.

Not at Heart IT!

Sorry guys, we’re not purposely trying to rub it in, but meetings at Heart IT take a much more relaxed approach to getting things sorted. For one, we very rarely have a meeting right at the start of the morning, because each of us understand that we won’t get the most out of it. Efficiency over at Heart IT HQ tends to peak as we approach lunch, most likely due to our brains picturing a Subway sandwich, thus giving us a boost of energy.

During the meeting, we still drink an unnatural amount of coffee (or tea), but we’re also alert enough to comprehend what exactly is going on. We usually have a few main topics which we will discuss around the table, and generally come to some sort of conclusion after a lot of jotting down, doodling and scribbling.

Heart IT Meeting
Here’s Joe & Thomas discussing SEO and marketing strategies for our clients. Shhhhhh…


Once all the main topics have been concluded, we’ll ‘open the table’ to anyone. Any queries, ideas or general chit chat tends to happen at this point. After a good chat and making sure everything has been agreed, we’ll get back to work. After a final coffee, of course.

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