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Pay Per Click Advertising

When you search for anything online, you often start with a search engine like Google (hopefully!), say we search for ‘shoes’ and look at the results:

Pay Per Click Advertising Heart IT











The results highlighted are all PAID advertisements. These businesses pay Google every time they are clicked, this can range from pennies each time up to the most expensive phrases such as ‘insurance’ costing the business £35 each time a customer clicks!

Due to the nature of these advertisements, the process is very flexible; there is the ability to set up daily limits and maximum cost-per-click (CPC).

These advertisements are also displayed on their ‘display networks’ (websites which opt into showing Google-certified ads).

From this model it is easy to see how Google make over £30bn each year in revenue from this advertising!

This pay-per-click (PPC) model has been replicated across Facebook, Twitter all in the promise of increasing traffic to your website or social media page.

Google aims to have its customers off their search results within 3 seconds; meaning higher placed adverts often get more traffic.

At Heart IT we are currently responsible for several Google Adwords campaigns and are looking to help you maximise visitors next.

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