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Topical Trust Flow – The best way to measure your SEO success

Update November 2016: Topical Trust Flow has grown in importance, so I’ve decided to extend this post to more than just an infographic. You’ll now find below a detailed oveview of what Topical Trust Flow is, what the benefits are to using it, and how you can best use it to boost your rankings in Google.

What Is Topical Trust Flow?

So what exactly is it?

Topical Trust Flow, devleoped by Majestic, is a metric that has been designed to determine the topical relevance of a website based on it’s links with other relevant sites.

I stress the word topical, because Trust Flow in itself already exists. The difference between them is that Topical Trust Flow tells you how relevant your website is in a specific category.

For instance, I could use Trust Flow to find out how trusted my site is in general, but I’d use Topical Trust Flow to determine how trusted my site is within the web design sector.

You’ve probably heard of Google’s PageRank – It was once classed as the ultimate tool to determine your ranking power in search engine results. Lots of people still believe it is, even though it hasn’t been updated by Google since 2013.

Express Writers & Buzzsumo have put together an ultimate guide to Topical Trust Flow in their infographic below.


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