From Unranked to Page 2 in Less Than 4 Weeks

SEO is a tricky thing. Clients expect to see results as soon as they start paying for it, but in reality, the benefits of SEO won’t really start to kick in until after several months of work.

Recently, we’ve been helping a local company called Woolton House Clearance. Based in South Liverpool, they offer house clearance and removal services to everyone across the North-West and North Wales.

They came to us as they were ‘unranked’. In other words, if you searched for their primary keyword which is house clearance Liverpool in Google, their website did not show up. After a quick look at their website, it was clear to us as to why this was the case. The website was quite dated, it was missing several fundamental parts to a well-performing website, such as the H1 tag, the content was badly optimised and the metadata wasn’t optimised either. None of those are huge things, but it’s important to get them optimised correctly when thinking about your rankings.

After performing some fundamental on-page SEO changes to the website, as well as boosting the company’s citations across the web (and keeping them consistent), we managed to bring the website up from unranked to page 2 in under 4 weeks.

I’m not one to boast, but that’s not bad going in less than a month.

Once you’ve gotten the on-page SEO fundamentals under control, you can begin to get into the more exciting part of SEO, namely outreach, content marketing & link building. By doing so, you’ll begin to take your page 2 website and transform it into a page 1 website. The important thing to remember though, is not to neglect your on-page SEO. It can produce some of the biggest changes in website ranking.

If you feel like your website could do with a boost in Google rankings, get in touch with us today and our SEO experts can help!


    • Will Robinson
    • July 24, 2017

    That’s really good going. What’s even more impressive is that, at least in my set of Google results, they’ve now crept on to the first page. Excellent work!

    • Reply

      Thanks Will!

      We’re starting to see them creeping onto the first page too, after completing a full website revamp. Although backlinks are super-important, just performing a quick on-page audit and fixing any issues can make big changes 🙂


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