The biggest reasons why I leave your website

We’ve all done it, left a website because it’s annoyed us. I’m finding its usually over the same reasons. Moreover, when I’m leaving these websites it leaves a negative image of the them in my mind and I am unlikely to visit their site again. If you have one or more of these reasons on your website, you ARE losing potential customers. What makes YOU leave a website? 

Videos & sounds that autoplay

This is particularly annoying if it’s not even the main focus of the page. I much prefer to read the content than have some sassy presenter tell me in a video. The worst part about video autoplaying is the sound; its so intrusive and loud most of the time. Even if the main content on the website is video based, give the user the option of when to watch the video.

Lists spread over several pages

You know the lists, usually followed from typical clickbait articles like ’10 ways to make your skin softer’. You follow the link to the first page, which has one reason on, you then have to press next and go to the next page to read the next item on the list. I really don’t care that much about my skin to go to all this effort. This is absolutely unbearable, usually done in order for the website to get more impressions of their adverts.

Adverts, adverts and more adverts

Adverts themselves on websites are absolutely fine, but adverts that are disguised as natural content or having so many adverts than you struggle to find the original content is more than annoying.

Slow loading times

40% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load and I’m no different.

Member only content

This usually happens when I’m looking for specialist answers on forums, but still, equally as annoying. If I have to sign up (whether its free or not) to view the content, I am going to leave. It’s not worth the weekly emails from the website I’m probably never going to visit again. With the vast amount of similar websites online, I can just go back to Google search and find the answer somewhere else, without signing up.


Although I won’t leave a website when I notice a typo, it certainly loses a lot of its credibility. This one could just be me, but I doubt it.

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