5 factors you didn’t know affected your ranking on Google

Often ranking high on Google is seen as near impossible for small businesses, there are about 200 factors Google use in their algorithm to produce the rankings, here are the 5 that you wouldn’t expect:

1. The speed of your website

You can test your website through tools like Google Pagespeed. This tool will give you a mark out of 100 for desktop and mobile as well as suggestions on how to improve your website speed. Having a slow website will negatively impact your ranking in Google.

2. The age of your domain

An older site is trusted a lot more than a new website in most cases. When a website is trusted more, it tends to rank higher, please note this isn’t always the case and it’s only a small factor, but a factor nevertheless.

3. The length of your URL

Having a long URL is often a sign of a spammy website, keeping the URL short helps users remember it as well. You can check which URLs are available on websites like 123-reg. It also helps to have the right country code e.g .co.uk for ranking in the United Kingdom. It’s also speculated that if you register the domain for longer than 1 or 2 years there is a small ranking boost too!

4. Having a user friendly layout

If a website is difficult to use, this is often reflected by the number of visitors leaving quickly, or visitors leaving without clicking anywhere else on the site. The easier you make the site for your visitors, the longer they will stay, the more likely they are to interact with and share your website, leaving you higher up in Google.

Does your website have the ‘mobile-friendly’ tag when viewed on a mobile device?

5. Site up-time

If you put your site in ‘maintenance mode’ for long periods of time or frequently suffer from server issues you can expect your website to start dropping in the rankings. In extreme cases of this, websites have been removed from Google altogether.

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    • simon james
    • April 17, 2017

    it’s amazing how so many of these points get overlooked, thankfully google offer plenty of free tools to fix these issues – analytices, page speed tools, keyword planner all essentials – you just have to know what to look for and fix it. Nice post by the way

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